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What some had to say at the end of Day 1

Our in-field reporter caught up with a number of competitors in George Town today after the first of six fund days of Targa Tasmania.

WAYNE CLARK – This is 22 or 23 events for me now and I just love the Vintage category.
Roger Richardson did 17 of them with me and although he’s retired now, he still prepares the car for me and he’s done an awesome job again this year.
I’ve run this car for the last five or six now and I like it because it was built as a race car.
It’s 80 years old and if you treat it with respect, you get the same back.
It’s been very reliable – we had a little problem in one event, but the rest of it’s been good.

REX BROADBENT – I’ve missed the last two Targas and I thought I had retired, but I couldn’t resist coming back for the 25th anniversary – it’s as simple as that.
It’s been a part of my life for the past 15 or 16 years, so I couldn’t really resist.
The car’s hardly changed from 2013, apart from repairing crash damage.
I’m not getting back into the groove at all well.
I’m rusty – this is my first event in three years and I think our aim this week will be just to finish.
There are some seriously competitive cars in our category now and I don’t think I can match it with them any more.

PETER ULLRICH – I really like the idea of combining the late and early classics into the one category this year – it’s a bigger field and it’s what we used to do before early and late came into being.
We’d rather finish 10th out of a field of 100 than first in a field of 10.
We won early last year and the new combined handicaps are evolving very nicely for us – it will be interesting to see how we go against the late cars over the course of the event.

ADAM KAPLAN – We’ve done around 15 Targas in this car and the last five in its current configuration, but we’ve got bigger tyres this year.
People were complaining it was going a bit sideways – we’ve got bigger tyres, but it still goes sideways.
We’ve got no expectations – we’re just here to have fun and make the crowds happy.

JEFF BEABLE – I’m supporting the classic GT category because it’s something I’ve advocated for a few years now for people like me to have a quiet drive in their twilight years.
It’s a little bit safer because you can’t go too fast.
This category is tougher than it looks – anyone can drive fast in a straight line, but it’s all about cornering and braking and limiting your speed.
BEN NEWMAN – This is a new car for us this year and we’ve only had it a month and not much opportunity to have a shakedown, but we’re happy with it so far.
It’s more about me also getting up to speed after crashing out last year.
Having Steve (former winning driver Steve Glenney) next to me in the car is just fantastic.
It gives me the confidence to push on.

TONY QUINN – We’re having an issue with the traction control kicking in – we’re not allowed to play with it, so it is what it is.
The suspension is not as good as I’d like it – I’m not whinging, but just saying it could be better.
We weren’t pushing hard at all today – it might be a different story by day three or four.

MATT CLOSE – Every time we come back there’s rule changes, so you just have to do the best with what you’ve got and see what everyone else is doing.
I know it sounds like a terrible cliché, but we’re really focussed n what we are doing and letting the results take care of themselves.
Since we won Targa High Country, we made a few wheel alignment and other adjustments to manage our tyre wear a bit better, but there’s not much else you can do with the new rules.

JASON WHITE – (on John White) – It was great to get him in there today – we didn’t think he was going to be a chance until later in the week.
It’s just what we wanted.
He was really good in the car and there was no discomfort.

(On the car and the day) – We haven’t had much time in the car and probably the biggest adjustment is being right hand drive.
One thing we’ve found out it that we don’t have hard enough tyres, so we’ll have to manage the tyres during the week.
We didn’t get a choice with tyres – there’s only one tyre on the market available for this car and it’s a bit softer than we would prefer, especially with the front tyres.
If we don’t lean on the fronts too much and make up time in other areas we should be okay.
We’d normally choose a harder tyre, so this time we’re praying for rain probably.

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