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Sponsorship Update

In line with the ending of the current government deal, the vast majority of our partners also ended their current deals with Targa.  We have been working hard over the last few months to secure new deals to help ensure that Targa has a long and successful future ahead, which in turn encourages many competitors to invest and re-invest in equipment to compete in Targa, knowing that the events future is secure.

The confidence shown by the government in signing Targa Tasmania’s first five year deal has certainly flowed onto our sponsors who were all quick to also re-sign, but not for a year, or even two, with the vast majority of them now re-signing for three years plus a two year option to peg themselves to the government deal in a single contract.

Long term sponsors, Shannons, Wrest Point, Country Club and Spirit of Tasmania have been joined again by RDA Brakes, Budget, Dutton Garage and RACT.  Of course Burnie City Council remain on board for Targa North West and Mansfield Shire and Mt. Buller recently signed new five year deals starting in 2018 that will take Targa High Country to at least 2022.

This is an amazing vote of confidence in Targa and unprecedented in the events history and all this has come at a time of some economic uncertainty around the federal election lead up and subsequent outcome.  All of our sponsors have been well informed of our vision for Targa, where it is going and how it will get there and they are clearly sharing our vision and appreciating our much better interaction with them that is seeing far greater returns to their own businesses on the back of their involvement in Targa.

For competitors, all of this is great news obviously and means a greatly reduced risk of increased entry fees over the next five years as we successfully secure funding from the corporate sector to help ensure a long and successful future for our Targa events.

Here Are The Top Five Reasons To Not Do A Targa Rally

5. You will become addicted

This is another big gap in the documentation from Targa Australia, nowhere does it warn you about this and it will be hard for many to avoid. Although, once you get a taste for the amazing twisty closed roads, being part of a large motorsport event, drooling over lots of cars, getting sore cheeks from smiling too much and getting that little taste of what race drivers get to enjoy….you will most likely become addicted and want to do it again. You’ve been warned!
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The Porsche Targa High Country Tour in a 718 Cayman GTS

Sports cars are designed to be driven hard. Foot to the floor, tyres gripping, the engine singing, and you don’t even glance at the speedometer. Try doing that on a public road, though, and say goodbye to your car and licence. But what if you could do all that legally? The Targa Australia rally series is just that.

CarAdvice was invited to the Porsche Targa High Country Tour this year to drive the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS around Mount Buller, Mansfield, and Eildon over three days.

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Now available for FREE Download: Targa Great Barrier Reef 2018 TV Show

Just over 2 months ago, we successfully completed the inaugural Targa Great Barrier Reef and now is your chance to re-live the event. The full Channel 9 TV Show is now available for FREE download & unlimited streaming to all devices.

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Targa Great Barrier Reef 2019 Early Bird closing soon *NOW CLOSED*

With our 200th entry just received, 2019 is looking at being bigger & better than 2018! The field will again be capped, so make sure you don’t miss out on being a part of all the excitement next year.

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