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Drivers quotes - Day 1

Our on-stage team have been collecting a few quotes from the drivers at the end of the day.
Here’s what some of the front-runners had to say after Day 1.

MICK DOWNEY – currently 2nd in GT Classic (pictured)

“The car was a real handful in the wet in the Sideling. We had a big off – no front spoiler on the car now.

“We were very lucky to get away with that, so to be as well placed as we are is just amazing.

“We hit the bank, it spun us around, we hit the rear with the bank as well, but we got the car started and drive off.”

ADAM KAPLAN – currently leading Early Modern

“We’re delighted to be where we are at the end of Day One. We’ve been having problems with the gearbox, old age driver problems, and all sorts of issues.

“The stages were as slippery as this morning, but as it dried up, the stages opened up and became much more fun.”

TREVOR McLEOD – currently 2nd in GT4

“We hoped to be pushing for the top spot in our class, so we’re fairly happy with the day.

“It’s been reasonably hard today because it’s been fairly damp in some areas.

“We just tried to keep it under control in the wet and hit it a bit harder in the drier sections, so we’re pretty happy to be where we are.”

BEN MANION – Currently leading GT4

“We’re probably doing better than we expected for Day One.
It’s my first time back in the car for a while and I’ve been driving rear-wheel drives, so it’s all been about getting my head back around how to drive an all-wheel drive again.
I was glad to make through the first few stages, which were a fair bit slippery.

MICHAEL PRITCHARD – currently second in GT2 and overall

“It’s been very slippery, but the car’s been pretty good.

“We have to keep in mind, it’s only the first day, but it’s the hardest first day of a Targa event I’ve ever done.

“We’ve got to be a bit conservative too – we’ve got soft tyres so we want to make sure we look after them in the early stages.”

MATT CLOSE – currently 3rd in GT2 and overall

“I’ve just been ultra-cautious today. We lost a big chunk of time on The Sideling because we started with a very cold set of tyres.

“It’s a very hard tyre we run, so it takes longer to get temperature into them in wet stages. When we got some temperature and a dry stage we won it by six seconds, so I know we want the rain to stay away and we can get up and running.

“This new car is a lot different to what I had last year, so it’s been a steep learning curve.
I’m holding back a bit because I don’t want to throw it off (the road) due to lack of experience.”

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