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Updated Targa FAQ's

We have recently updated our Frequently Asked Questions to help get a better understanding of Targa events.

This year, we have seen a drastic rise in new comers & first timers, especially with the introduction of Targa Great Barrier Reef. We are hoping these will make the process a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter without a navigator?

Targa Australia proudly run team events.  As such, a crew of both driver and co-driver/navigator is required for all cars. 

Do I need a roll cage?

Not necessarily. A roll cage is required for full competition crews and GT Sports Trophy competitors. To participate in Tour or TSD Trophy categories a roll cage is not required.  A detailed explanation can be found in our Technical Regulations located on our website.

Do I need a helmet?

A helmet is required for all competitors except Tour crews.  The only time a helmet is required for Tour is if the crew are participating in a convertible with the roof down, or an open car.

What category would be best for me?

It is best to read the Sporting Regulations, located on our website, to ascertain which category would best suit your crew and vehicle.  From a “spirited” drive on our magnificent closed road stages with a Tour group, through to the fast-paced thrill of full competition, there is sure to be a category to suit everyone. To read our event categories click here.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you may pay in instalments.  We require an initial deposit to secure your entry, then you may pay off the entry fee as best suits your needs.

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Shannons, who have the rare distinction of supporting every Targa Tasmania held since 1992, have just agreed to extend their close association with Targa Australia in agreeing to sponsor the exciting new Targa Great Barrier Reef for the next three years.

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Targa team numbers capped at 215 in Cairns

COMPETITOR numbers have been limited to 215 in the inaugural Targa Great Barrier Reef tarmac rally in three months.

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Pullman Reef Hotel Casino To Support Targa Great Barrier Reef

The first running of Targa Great Barrier Reef promises to bring plenty of excitement to the Cairns region. With the event positioned to attract high earning visitors to Cairns, it was always going to have great synergies with Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in being able to provide these visitors with the high quality stay, that they will be looking for in late August and early September.
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Targa High Country 2018 Street Stage

We have been exploring all options to ensure that it could continue to be, so with this now completed, we are also excited to announce that the Mansfield Street Stage will go ahead for the 9th time this year and will actually be 400 metres longer than the 2017 version. At 4.6km, it will now only be 200 metres shorter than the famous, George Town Super Street Stage.

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