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What every class winner had to say

What the winners said …

Jason White (Targa Tasmania outright winner and Wrest Point GT2 winner):

“That’s by far the hardest we have had to drive. We were actually having a lot more sweat about what was going on with the tyres. It really forced John and I to be at the top of our game. But it wasn’t so good to see Matt go off.

We’ve had to manage a few issues with the chassis as well as the tyres ourselves through the week. One of the things about this event is managing your head and not panicking. A lot of the stages where we took big chunks of time out we were really out of our comfort zone. It was really nice to up the ante and discover a new level.”

Steve Glenney (second outright, RDA Brakes GT4 winner): “Targa Tasmania is such a huge event and it’s such a battle even to get here to the finish let alone be quick. We’ve banked some good points for the championship in GT4. I’m not sure what the plan is for Targa Barrier Reef now. The original plan was to sit next to I the car owner Ben Newman and call notes for him, but if I’m leading the championship that might change. Normally we run a harder compound there on the front and we’ve had to nurse them a bit since yesterday, but we were always up against it in the tyres and horsepower department, so to finish second outright and win GT4 is a pretty pleasing result. We’ve just got through, but our tyres were not ideal.”

Michael Bray (Shannons Classic GT winner): “The weather has been great, the car has been great. I’ve done it with my brother and family and it’s been really good week. We have been trying to manage our tyres, We knew there was no rain coming and it’s all worked out well.”

Darryl Marshall (Budget TSD Trophy winner): “It’s nice it win three in a row but it wasn’t our easiest one. This year the competition has been a little bit tighter, but we were always up for the challenge.

You never come here thinking you are going to win, because Tassie can bite you on the bum at some stage. We’ve learned that in the past when we’ve taken the car home in pieces. This is a special win for us.

There was a lot of hype from others in the class about that, so it’s just good to pull it off.”

Jack Waldron (Spirit of Tasmania Thoroughbred Trophy winner): “I’ve had this Sigma since new in 1981 so I’ve got a sentimental attachment to it. After I bought it, my mother gave me an envelope full of cash as a birthday present to pay for it. I used to race it until 1992 and then put it in mothballs. It’s a good car to drive, usually predictable and reliable.

Martin Duursma (Country Club GT Sports Trophy winner): “This has been four years in the making, so we’re very happy. We’ve been doing GT sports trophy since it started a and last year we finished third, so it’s a great feeling to win this year - very rewarding. This is the seventh time we’ve done Targa Tasmania, so we’ve got a good understanding of the roads and what’s bumpy and what’s not. It’s just a matter of concentrating and maintaining that high average speed.

Graham Copeland (Shannons Classic Handicap): “We have had an absolutely unbelievable last day. We’ve blown gaskets, broken the inlet manifold and something in the driveline, probably the diff. If the last stage wasn’t downhill, I doubt we would have made it home. We pushed hard early because we knew it was going to be a mess late in the rally, so it’s a good thing we had a bit of a buffer.”

Justin Gan (Rookie Classic GT winner): “It was a small class, but still awesome fun. We were blessed with dry weather, because this car would be an absolute death trap in the wet, and in the end, we just made it. We had no starter motor just before the last stage and we had to push start it to get going. We made it to the end though, so it’s awesome.”

Adam Gosling (Rookie Early Modern): “We had a miss in the engine yesterday and we’ve been nursing it big time today. We suspect it might be a fuel injector. Our stage times today were a bit slower but thankfully we had a decent lead. We could afford to take it easier and make sure we got to the finish. We kept it on the black stuff and made it to the end with a class win, so we couldn’t ask for more.

Jeff Morton (Rookie GT): “It’s been a dream come true to come here again and to win twice from two is special. I just feel so blessed to be in this position as a brain cancer survivor with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation on the car and I hope I can just inspire people not to give up on their dreams and believe anything is possible.”

Josh Sutcliffe (Duttons Garage Early Modern winner): “We didn’t try to push too much in the last couple of days and just maintain our lead and it just worked out fine. We had a few minor car issues yesterday, but we managed to tune a few little bugs out of it and it was running fine towards the end of the event. Sharing the driving worked out well for us, but is is quite a challenge which you have to overcome mentally more than anything else, changing seats all the time. It’s probably the navigating which is the harder part of it switching from driving to navigating mode and concentrating on delivering the notes correctly, but it worked for us and we’re happy.”

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