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What they said - driver quotes from Day 2

Our field reporter caught up with some of the drivers at the end of a busy day.

Adam Kaplan leads Classic GT

TSD – PETER TAYLOR (Lotus Elise S) – Holds a 23-point lead over championship leaders Darryl Marshall (Ford Falcon Ute Pursuit 250) and won five of today’s eight stages.

We had a fantastic day today.

We were worried about the Mansfield stage and we thought Leigh Fuller (Lotus Elise Sport 350) would take some time off us.

It only takes one mistake to lose heaps of points, so now we’re still in the lead after the second day, which we didn’t expect, so we’re reasonably confident of our chances tomorrow.

GT SPORTS TROPHY – MARK MELETOPOLOU (Lotus Exige) – Extended a 44 second lead at the start of the day to 2 mins and 2 secs.

The twisty bits today really suited our Lotus today, but we didn’t enjoy the faster stages before lunch where it was hard to make up time.

We’ve got a good lead now, but our plan for tomorrow is to continue going hard.

Last time we were here in a similar position and we back off a bit on the last day and had to share first place.

We’re not planning on that happening again.

JASON WHITE – We’ve had a really good run today.

Apart from dropping a second here and there, the rest of the stages have produced quite good gains.

We made some good time in the earlier stages this morning.

We’ve just about used up our front tyres, so we’re putting our spares on for tomorrow and we should be okay.

We only used them for one stage yesterday in the run up Mount Buller, so their in good condition.

THOROUGHBRED TROPHY – JACK WALDRON (1981 Mitsubishi Sigma) – Extended an overnight lead of 25 secs to 3 mins and 36 secs.

We’ve had a terrific day and today’s stages were the cream on the cake.

I’ve built an audible speed monitoring system so I don’t have to look at the speedo.

It’s allowed me to maintain a reasonably high average speed and stayed consistently fast

ADAM KAPLAN – It’s been a fabulous day trading times with Mick Downie he only got 2 secs off us over the whole day.

We’ve lost fifth gear in our gearbox today after losing fourth gear yesterday, so we’re down to a three-speed now.

We’re going to put the standard gearbox back in it, but I’d say we’re going to be a lot slower tomorrow, but we’ll just do the best we can to stay ahead.

CLASSIC - GRAEME COPELAND (GMC Jimni Special) – Extended a 9 sec lead at the start of the day to a 1 min 9 sec lead with some unexpected results in the faster parts of the course.

It’s been a good day and we made up some time in the high speed stuff, which surprised us.

The old girl’s hung on pretty good in the high speed stuff – it’s been a bit frightening at times.

There’s a couple of long stages tomorrow which will be hard work and there’s no relief for the tyres.

Our plan of attack is survival – just get to the end, hopefully in front.

EARLY MODERN – LIAM HOWARTH (Nissan Skyline GTR) – Slightly increased a 42 sec gap to 1 min and 15 secs.

Every stage felt good except for the street stage – we think we lost a bit of time there.

Our car was really suited to the longer flowing stages today.

It’s nice to have a good buffer for tomorrow, because we’ll need it.

We’ll have to manage the car in the two long stages.

It’s going to be tough.

I remember last year the tyres and brakes got very hot, so if we can go at eight or nine tenths it will go our way.

Our initial aim was to go hard on the first two days so we can just take it easy on the longer stages tomorrow.

GT4 – PAUL DOWIE (AUDI TTRS) – Almost doubled his lead from 1:16 to 2:07.

I think the big difference this year has been my driving and today just more consolidation of that.

The car’s exactly the same as it was last year.

I had Bernie Webb sitting next to me in Targa Tasmania earlier this year and I picked up some great pointers.

It’s taken some time to iron out the old habits from driving in an Evo 7, compared to the Audi and it’s made a lot of difference.

My stage times compared to last year have been amazing, including 25 seconds quicker up Mount Buller yesterday than I’ve ever been.

Christmas Closure Dates

Targa Australia Offices will be closed from Friday 21st December, 2018 and re-opening Monday 7th January, 2019.

2018 was a very big year for the Targa family, a year that included our first brand new event since 2010 in Targa Great Barrier Reef, which was a massive success in its first year. 

We would like to wish all of our loyal customers, sponsors and officials a very joyous and safe Christmas and New Year period.

We look forward to seeing you all at a Targa Australia event in 2019.

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