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What the drivers said!

At the end of a fantastic rally, our in-field reporter caught up with a number of class winners to hear about their weekend.
The Taylors dominated TSD

PETER TAYLOR – We only lost 6 points for the event, so it’s a pretty low score for TSD.

We’ve still been learning to do this over the past three years.

We came seventh in our first event, but this our second win now.

We finally stopped making mistakes in Targa High Country last year and we won and it was a real challenge – there’s so much going on with trying to calculate average speeds and so on.

We’ve set ourselves for the championship this year, so this is a great start.

We came second last year, so it’s all about winning it this year.

TONY SEYMOUR – We were convinced we were going to finish second.

Mitchell Ringeut led overnight and in fact he had led all weekend, but then a battery terminal came loose in the last stage.

I passed him on the side of the road and I couldn’t believe it, but we’ll take the win absolutely.

We were 24 seconds behind before the last stage and I told him I didn’t think we could catch him and all I was going to do was make sure I finish, but that’s motorsport.

JACK WALDRON – We kept our overnight lead and the car’s done a terrific job in some brilliant stages.

There were a few damp spots today, but they had no effect on the car.

Even though we had a good overnight lead we didn’t back off today.

Our times through Hellyer Gorge today were almost exactly the same as yesterday.

MALCOM NORTON – It’s been eight years since we won a tarmac rally, so we’re very happy.

Dad (Ralph) drove yesterday and I drove today.

I was a little rusty in the morning and Dad was rusty on the notes as well.

We had a good run though Hellyer Gorge, but Savage River was a bit rough for both of us.

Hellyer was wet on the way back but the car felt good and we had fun.

PAUL STOKELL – I wasn’t real happy after yesterday with the car’s performance with the new supercharger.

I didn’t like the way it was handling, but power wise it’s been a big increase, so it’s good, but I just wasn’t ‘happy with the balance’, but we changed a few things last níght and it’s heading in the right direction now.

It bides well – there’s more performance to come out of it, so it looks like we will be reasonably competitive for Targa Tasmania.

They’re only very minor changes, but with a Lotus you have to find the sweet spot and it’s really nice to throw around, but it you don’t, it has to be man-handled a bit more.

JASON WHITE –It’s an important win for a whole lot of reasons – it’s our home town rally with some of our favourite roads and we’ve finally won this one and got the monkey off our back.

It’s a great start to the championship too, which is probably the most important thing for us.

Not finishing here last year cost us the championship when we managed to win everything else but this one.

We want to win the championship right or wrong and we want to win Targa Tasmania as well, so we can equal Jim Richards’ record of eight wins.

The biggest problem we had for the whole weekend was our air conditioning not working on the first stage, but we overcame that quickly and got the cabin cooled down again.

We feel for John Ireland, as it was looking like a Viper 1-2 until a small plastic clip on his clutch pedal broke off.

We’ve had “$2 part” moments before and they can rear up at any time, so we know how he feels.

MICHAEL PRITCHARD – I’m delighted – I had no expectations coming here.

I’m very happy to be on the podium – I haven’t been in the car since Targa Tasmania last year and my normal navigator had a wedding, so my pit crew chief hopped in for what was his first navigator role in a tarmac rally, so I couldn’t be happier.

JON MITCHELL – We won Targa Tasmania last year and here in 2017 in early modern, but we’re absolutely rapt.

We had a few dramas today with an exhaust gasket blowing out with a big drop in power half way out of Savage River, but we were able fix it and get through the last stage thankfully.

We copped a bit or rain on the way back and I wasn’t totally prepared for that, so we backed off just a little and managed to get away with the win.

NIK PREISTON – This win is a big credit to my navigator and service crew – I’m just the driver.

Peter Gluskie was in front, but as soon as it got wet he backed off and we kept on going and that got us the win.

We got a fair bit of rain in Savage River, but we had a deluge in Hellyer Gorge on the way back, but we kept on hammering and took a great risk, but it paid off.

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