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What the drivers said … Day 2

Our reporter caught up with all the class contenders following a highly eventful day after the second leg of Targa Tasmania.


JASON WHITE: It was some melted wire on a crank angle sensor, so it lost its signal and stopped. It’s fixed now, but we’ve lost a heap of time If we take 10 minutes away from our time last year, it would put us about seventh so it’s more about the championship now for us.

STEVE GLENNEY: I’m still learning the car and there were a couple of stages when you don’t get a rhythm in, but the on the longer ones you learn a bit more.

There’s still a few adjustments for me to make, but we’re in the hunt, so it’s good.

MATT CLOSE: We’re just hanging in there and just being sensible and staying out of the wet patches and keeping it in one piece. We’re not going as hard as we could, but we’re not having a holiday either. We’re not going at the level we were on days four and five last year. But there’s still a long way to go and we’ve just got to keep everything together and be there somewhere near the end.

PAUL STOKELL: We didn’t change much on the car after Targa North West, just a bit of fine tuning. The main problem is me. I just don’t do many rallies and it takes me a couple of days to get going.

I’d like to be a bit better on the notes and feeling stronger out there. But it’s a long event and I’ve just got to get through each day and get better as we go along.


ANGUS KENNARD: It’s always tight in GT4, so there’s some good competition. We started the day in fifth and three seconds behind, so it’s nice to have a four second lead now. We’ve been pushing a bit, but when you only do a couple of rallies a year, it takes a while to get your head dialled back in.

I think I’ll get better over the week, but I certainly good today.


MICHAEL BRAY: t’s been an eventful day and the top three have been changing around all day. It will be interesting to see if it’s like that all the way to Hobart.

We settled in well this morning and managed some good times in the early stages.

We might struggle for tyres later in the event, so a bit of wet weather might help us and softer compounds will come into play then, so we’ve just got to stay in contention now.


GRAHAM COPELAND: Everyone in our class has upped the ante this year.

We’re going as quick as we can and we’ve only got a small lead.

We made a few changes to the front end last night and it’s made a difference and we’re getting some confidence in the car. There’s a fair party behind us as everyone seems to be swapping around positions, so it’s good.


PETER NUNN: We’ve got a minor problem with a shock absorber which keeps losing pressure, but it’s not a major issue. We just pump it up every so often and it doesn’t seem to be affecting us too much. We don’t have a spare, so we’ll persevere, but it won’t affects us.

We’re driving in a sort of group at the front at the moment and not taking any risks or pushing to the limit.


JACK WALDRON: I’m pleased with our efforts today, but we’ve got a fight on our hands with the Escort. It’s really good actually, because we’re keeping each other honest. It’s only a small field, so it’s great it’s so competitive. It spoils the event if you just go for a drive, so we’re enjoying the battle.


DARRYL MARSHALL: We’re happy with our lead at the moment, but it’s very early and there’s a long way to go. Every year we’ve had one or two bad stages, but this year we haven’t had them, so the challenge for us is not to have them at all.


TONY SEYMOUR: We didn’t start off all that well, but it got better once we got out of the wet.

We don’t want to take any chances as it’s still only the second day, so we just took it easy on the first few stages. It’s very tight in GT Sports Trophy.


ADAM GARWOOD: It’s always good to be in front, but we’ve been pacing ourselves a bit more and getting more comfortable with the car and the road conditions. We’re getting better as a team too, as it’s all new to me to have a navigator on board.

It all seems to be coming together – the last couple of stages have been really good.

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Saturday August 3 2019 on Channel Nine at 12pm in Sydney/Brisbane

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