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What the drivers said … Day 4

Comments from some of the leading contenders across the classes after the fourth day of Targa Tasmania.

Adam Garwood and Reubecca Sheldrick (Porsche GT3) leading the Spirit of Australia Rookie Rallye. Photo credit: Angryman Photography.


PAUL STOKELL: We had an electrical issue in Cethana and we broke down. We wriggled a few things and it reset itself, but we were lucky to get a derived time for the stage.

It put us back in contention, so other than that, it’s been a good day.

We’re only just over the halfway mark, so I’m not getting too excited about being in the lead.

The car’s been good and I like the wet, so bring on a bit more of the same and I’d be quite happy.

MATT CLOSE: It was probably our turn to have issues today, the way this event has been going. We came to a halt in the Roland stage when we had some electronic gremlins.

We only lost 30 seconds, but then we came past Michael Pritchard’s crash and that was a wake-up call for me so we decided to take it a little quieter in the afternoon.

We know we’ve got the machine to win if it dries out, but there’s no point in throwing it away.

From last year we know it only takes a little slip up and all your hard work is done.

Plus I promised my wife I’d be bringing my car home in one piece.


MICK DOWNEY: We’ve been pushing hard all the way. We’ve been battling with Mr Bray all day.

I caught him in Riana and the red mist descended and I tried to pass him instead of listening to the notes.

But I know he doesn’t like the long wet stages, so we were able to get a bit of a gap on him.

MICHAEL BRAY: It’s still a great battle. Mick (Downey) has been driving well today and we’ve been sitting on the ragged edge. Sometimes the car feels good and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s all about set-up and we played around with it after the early stages today. We just softened up the suspension a bit and made sure the tyre pressures were right where they needed to be.


ANGUS KENNARD: The conditions have been pretty slippery, which has suited us and the car’s been going well. It feels really strong on the road.

I’m surprised to be where we are in the field, but we’ve had some of the front runners drop out.

If they were here, they would be in front of us.


GUY LILLEYMAN: It’s been a really tough day today, maybe the hardest I’ve ever done.

It was an absolute struggle just to keep it on the road. But we seemed to have done well, so it’s suited our car.

Some of me enjoys and some of me is scared like everyone else, I think, but we seem to have done well.


NIK PRIESTON: We’ve had a few glitches here and there, but no big issues.

I think I enjoyed the wet a bit more than some of my competitors.


DARRYL MARSHALL: We’re just doing our thing and not worrying about anyone else.

For us this year, to lose a point a stage would be a very good result and so far we’re on target to do just that.

The wet weather has been very entertaining in the ute to put it mildly.

PETER TAYLOR: We’ve had a good run in the wet conditions and managed to nail a couple of stages which were a bit difficult.

There’s still a long way to go with two very tough days.

The last day is the toughest with a lot of short and quick stages.

This will go right down to the wire, so whoever gets it will have really earned it.


TONY SEYMOUR: We had a bit of a moment in the Riana staged and that dampened my enthusiasm a bit and I thought I’d rather lose a bit of time and get to the end.

There’s no point in going off the road in the wet and ending our event.


TYSON COWIE: It was tough for Jack (Waldron) to be pulled up on the side of the road, but at least it wasn’t a crash. This this is our first time here and they are experienced in driving in the wet.

In fact, it was the time I’ve ever driven my car in the rain as well, so I was just taking it cautiously and trying to get to the finish.


ADAM GARWOOD: It’s been an up and down event for us so far.

We had a bit of a dip this morning, but nothing crazy and now we’re back in front.

The conditions didn’t bother me too much. We just pushed where we wanted to and if we didn’t want to, we simply backed out of it.

We’ve got a bit of a buffer now, but it’s still a long way to go and anything can happen.

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