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Wegners primed for second Targa outing

Clifton Beach enthusiast Norbert Wegner embodies the spirit of Targa. Wegner will again take the plunge in the second edition of Targa Great Barrier Reef from August 30-September 1 in his immaculately presented 1965 Ford Mustang.

Photo credit: Angryman Photography

A veteran of the building game where he has operated as a plasterer for 48 years, Wegner has again entered the Thoroughbred Trophy class in his beloved ‘Stang which he will share with co-driver wife Kim.

While admitting to being an amateur, Wegner cannot believe his luck that the CAMS Australian Targa Championship has come to his backyard.

“I started building this Mustang 15 years ago,” Wegner explained.

“My dream was always to do Targa Tasmania but after I finished it, things changed in my life and I could never really afford to go down to Tassie and do it.

“And when Targa Great Barrier Reef came along I couldn’t believe my luck really.”

Wegner is the first to admit that he and his wife are novices and are under no illusions as to how they will perform.

“Last year we finished near the bottom,” Wegner said.

“I don’t think we are ever going to be fighting at the top of our class.

“There are two reasons, you have to have a really good navigator because if you are going to take a corner by their call you have got to be bloody sure it is the right call. 

“We are only novices and Kim has never done anything like that before last year so I didn’t expect her to be perfect.

“There are some pretty hairy roads especially over the top of the Tablelands where the roads are narrow and there are crests and dips and things.

“The other thing is that even though I’ve been messing around with cars since I was a kid, I’m not a professional driver in any way. 

“And we haven’t got anything in North Queensland where you can hone your skills so I’m just an amateur out there having a go.

“I also really don’t want to wreck the car as I’ve spent a lot of time and a bucket load of money on it.

“I try to the point of our ability but there are a lot more experienced people out there who are going to do a lot better.”

Wegner said he has been tinkering with various Ford models since he was a teenager.

“I’ve been doing up various Ford models since I was 17. It is a huge passion for me.

“I found this beautiful old Mustang that was in immaculate condition. It was that good it could have been a show car because it was so straight.

“There was no running gear in it and it probably took me 10 years to build it to what it is now.

“I run a small block V8 in the Mustang and a four-speed toploader gearbox. I’ve done a lot to the suspension and had the rollcage built.

“I suppose it is pretty much as close to a race car you could get for a road registered car.”

Norbert admits that his co-driver wife Kim is more akin to horses of the equine variety rather than horsepower.

“I always say to people that Kim loves horses but I love horsepower. She’s got the horses at home and I’ve got the horsepower in the garage,” Norbert chuckles.

“But seriously she has been pretty good to me letting me spend a lot of money on this project over the years and I thought it was only fair that she can jump in next to me as the co-driver.”

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