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What the drivers said - day 2

Our event reporter tracked down some of the competitors at the completion of the second day of Targa Great Barrier Reef.

Photo credit: Angryman Photography

What the drivers said …

Mick Downey (leader Shannons Classic GT)

“We thought we had oil temp issues. But we found out since with the conversion from fahrenheit to celsius we mucked up a bit. Yesterday afternoon and this morning we were not concentrating on racing but how to conserve the car. But it turns out everything was fine.

So the next stage we ripped five seconds out of Siddo (Jon Siddins) so it was a good feeling that we were on pace still.”

Jason White (Modern Outright and It’s Live in Queensland leader)

“We were going along as quick as we could but we just needed to put a bit more homework into some of the long, tricky crests.

“There was quite a bit of gravel over the road in a couple of corners.

“The car is in good shape for tomorrow. There’s a couple of little changes we need to do with tyre pressures to get it all very comfortable. So its just fine-tuning a tweaking around that.

“Given the different temperature up here and the road surface it makes quite a difference with the tyres, and it’s crucial as to what pressure they have in them and how hard you can drive. 

Liam Howarth (leader Dutton Garage Early Modern)


Today was pretty short but we went really well. There were no scary moments, the navigator was on song and the car felt really good.


Tomorrow is a long day. We went really well on the Kuranda Range last year, the first stage tomorrow, so we will give that a crack first up and then see how we go. We have a fair bit of a buffer so we can back it off after lunch.


It is going to be quite hot so I hope that doesn’t bring any problems for us.


Luke Anear (Cairns Regional Council GT4)


Felt like we had to give it a bit of crack this afternoon and it paid off.


We had an off coming down the mountain (on day one) last year, so we took it pretty steady yesterday, and got through that stage and then went a bit harder today.


Quinn certainly set the pace early. He’s got the legs up the hills and on the straights in the GT-R. The little Subbie goes hard to keep up on that stuff.


So we have to focus on the tight stuff, throw the car in a bit earlier. We’ve only got 240 horsepower so we’ve got to use every bit to be the best we can.

Peter Gluskie (leader Shannons Classic Handicap)

The battle pack is certainly chasing with second through fifth all swapping a few positions through the day. 

We’ve managed to stay in front of them and that’s the joy of classic racing is that it tends to be very close.

Today the stages were short but tricky and it could have easily brought you unstuck. Tomorrow (Sunday) there are longer stages so we can get into a really good rhythm.

The car is behaving perfectly and we look forward to finishing it all on the final day.

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