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What the drivers said Day 3 …

Our reporter caught up with some of the winners following the conclusion to the second edition of the Targa Great Barrier Reef event.

Photo credit: Angryman Photography

Mitchell Ringuet (winner Reef Hotel & Casino GT Sports Trophy): 

Halfway through Kuranda Range my dad (Darryl Ringuet) went off the notes so we got to the end and said damn we could have definitely gone faster. It’s just fantastic to finally have a win. This is our fourth one and we’ve always come second or third. It’s always because our battery coming loose or electrical faults or whatever.

Mick Downey (Shannons Classic GT): 

All the temp issues from yesterday we sorted out so here we are. If our good mate Mr Bray (Michael Bray the 2018 TGBR Classic GT winner) is reading this we were beating his stage times from last year. But seriously Jarrod (co-driver Van Den Akker) had to keep me in check today.

Jarrod Van Den Akker (co-driver Shannons Classic GT)

I had a hard job to keep him in check but he (Downey) really drove fantastically.

Larry Howarth (co-driver Dutton Garage Early Modern):

It was non eventful as we got through most of the stages without too much penalty. We were able to hold our position in the class. The best thing about the whole rally was that we were in amongst the GT2 cars which were fighting within 10 seconds of each other. It was a fantastic thing to be amongst. We were fifth outright which is not bad for a 23-year-old car. 

Luke Anear (Cairns Regional Council GT4):

We managed to keep building on the pace that we had yesterday. We started well up the Kuranda Range this morning. We had a good run through Millaa Millaa. It was pretty wild we collected a guide post at one point and it disintegrated over the windscreen. There was a lot of gravel on the road and there was a lot of sliding.

Peter Taylor (TSD Trophy):

It was an incredible event. We had a really good first day but the Marshalls pulled out something special on day 2 and caught us right up.

 We went out hard today and it worked out.

 My son Tristan said to me this morning that I needed to pull my finger out. He said if Darryl (Marshall) can be that close to the target time, then I had better too. He didn’t even wish me happy Father’s Day.

Jason White (outright and It’s Live in Queensland GT2 winner):

We had definitely had a plan on how fast we had to go based on last year.

The stage times we were doing (on day 1 and 2) up until Kuranda were pretty much on par with what I planned was required to win.

But obviously Paul (Stokell) had done a bit of work and pushed us out of that comfort zone a bit. 

Our plan was going beautifully but his proximity after Kuranda to us was a bit unexceptable.

We had a bit of a situation on our hands. The run into Millaa Millaa and out to Palmerstone was exceptional. It was 100 percent commitment and a few sketchy moments but we were in the zone.

 It was a good bit of teamwork in the car and John was calling the notes perfectly but he was getting a bit dry and needed a drink at the end.”

What the drivers said Day 3 …

Our reporter caught up with some of the winners following the conclusion to the second edition of the Targa Great Barrier Reef event.

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