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What the drivers said - Day 1 of THC

We caught up with some of the class leaders at the end of the day. 
Photo credit: Angryman Photography

Graham Copeland (Classic Handicap 1941 Jimmy Special)

It was a big day in the office, just getting off the mountain was a challenge. We had a really ordinary second stage and just couldn’t get it to happen. 

But then after that we got it together and it went pretty well. We really tested the grip level today and passed a car or two. 

All up it was a good day and I think at one stage Josh (co-driver Josh Herbert) mentioned that he felt like a hostage rather than a navigator.

Jack Waldron – Thoroughbred Trophy – Mitsubishi Sigma


This morning (getting off the mountain) was one of the most difficult drives because of the snow on the road. I actually went into a gutter, we cracked the right hand indicator but that was all the damage it did.


It was one of the most variable days I have ever done in motorsport. I missed my place in the field (recovering from the gutter incident) and we had to run from the back of the field. It makes you very nervous because we were only three cars in front of the sweep, so you know if something goes wrong it all over.


After lunch the officials were very kind and we got back into place.


The roads were good – bit of bark but were really good.


(Tomorrow) we will just continue to do what we are and just drive to the conditions.


We have a bit of an advantage as we have a speedo in the car that tells us the speed. So we can go right up to 129 and 130 and it plays different sounds according to the speed so I know when I get to the threshold. It means we take full advantage of the speeds we are allowed to do. It’s great fun. We are enjoying it.

Peter Taylor (TSD Trophy 2013 Lotus Elise S)

 “There’s a lot of good teams in TSD this year and a lot of experience. There are a lot of teams only a point or two behind us. So it’s anybody’s at the moment. You only have to make one tiny mistake and you are suddenly back in fifth place. It’s going to be a tough old day tomorrow and the day after. It will be concentration plus.

Peter Nunn, Early Modern


We had a great day. We definitely got some confidence as day went on. The car went really  well in the well in the dry, the patchy and the really wet so we are very happy. We really had a bit of all conditions and the car was good. The competition is quite close which is also good. It’s fun having some competition and they are good guys we are out on the road with.

Jason White (Outright/GT2 Dodge Viper)

“It was pretty much ideal conditions for us. We probably had a lot more grip and outright performance than what we expected. In a few spots it was pretty hard to summons the courage to poke into some of the corners as we did.We only got caught out in one spot with some slightly lower tyre pressures that what was ideal just a misjudgement but that rest of it I’m very happy with.Probably the most nervous part of the day was driving at 4km/h trying to get down the hill for the first stage rather than the speed we are supposed to be doing.”

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