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‘The ultimate battle of Time, Speed and Distance’ 



Your dream of becoming a Targa Competitor, racing on unimaginably amazing closed roads, driving your vehicle in the spirit it was intended is about to become a reality.

TSD Trophy draws its name from a style of rally racing also known as TSD  – this racing format is popular form of rallying world wide.  The format is based on achieving a set average speed on each stage while adhering to a 130km speed limit.

Our TSD Trophy competition provides the opportunity to compete in a rally that requires more than just going as fast as you can.  The nature of this competition provides a mathematical challenge for both Driver and Co Driver, keeping the cockpit drama intense right to the finish line.  


TSD Trophy competitors enjoy the same benefits as the main competition competing on closed roads and all competitive stages of your chosen event; the top three in Classic and Modern will be awarded with a Targa Salver and the unique experience of a champagne shower on a Targa podium.  TSD Trophy will use ‘Rally Safe’ technology to track your location, time and speeds. 


  • Road Books for all stages and touring stages
  • Competitor Lanyards and official ‘Invitation to compete’
  •  Participation of each stage of the event
  •  Competitor briefing
  • Average Speeds provided at event documentation
  • Complimentary entry ticket to the official Welcome Party for Driver and Co -Driver
  • Lunch on each day of the competition for Driver and Co-Driver
  •   A set of vinyl number plates (metal number plates for Targa Tasmania) and vehicle door panels.
  •  Luggage service to follow the event
  •  TSD Trophy Targa Plate (upon completion of each stage of the event) 
  •  Finishers Medallion for Driver and Co-Driver (upon completion of the event)


  • Head to our website to review our current events, locations and dates
  • You will need a road registered vehicle required to meet event regulations.
  •  You will need as a minimum a CAMS Level 2 speed licence

  • You will need to create your competitor console via the Login box in the top right hand corner of our website.  For a step by step guide see our FAQ page
  •  You will need to PRE purchase a Rally Safe Installation Kit in order to fit your ‘hired’ Rally Safe Unit.

  • You will need a partner in crime to sit along side you.


  • Current TSD Trophy entry fees are on our website under Entry fees.
  • An initial deposit is required to secure your entry.


For further questions, and entry details please call our Competitors Manager

Pam Stables

P.   03 6221 8888


For Current Technical Regulations please read through the  Technical Regulations under competition regulations.

For Event Specific rules please read through the Supplementary Regulations under the event Targa tab. 

For more information on CAMS and licensing 

          P. 1300 883 959



Here Are The Top Five Reasons To Not Do A Targa Rally

5. You will become addicted

This is another big gap in the documentation from Targa Australia, nowhere does it warn you about this and it will be hard for many to avoid. Although, once you get a taste for the amazing twisty closed roads, being part of a large motorsport event, drooling over lots of cars, getting sore cheeks from smiling too much and getting that little taste of what race drivers get to enjoy….you will most likely become addicted and want to do it again. You’ve been warned!
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The Porsche Targa High Country Tour in a 718 Cayman GTS

Sports cars are designed to be driven hard. Foot to the floor, tyres gripping, the engine singing, and you don’t even glance at the speedometer. Try doing that on a public road, though, and say goodbye to your car and licence. But what if you could do all that legally? The Targa Australia rally series is just that.

CarAdvice was invited to the Porsche Targa High Country Tour this year to drive the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS around Mount Buller, Mansfield, and Eildon over three days.

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