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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter without a navigator?

Targa Australia proudly run team events. As such, a crew of both driver and co-driver/navigator is required for all cars.

Do I need a roll cage?

Not necessarily. A roll cage is required for full competition crews and GT Sports Trophy competitors. To participate in Tour or TSD Trophy categories a roll cage is not required. A detailed explanation can be found in our Technical Regulations located on our website.

Do I need a helmet?

A helmet is required for all competitors except Tour crews. The only time a helmet is required for Tour is if the crew are participating in a convertible with the roof down, or an open car.

What category would be best for me?

It is best to read the Sporting Regulations, located on our website, to ascertain which category would best suit your crew and vehicle. From a “spirited” drive on our magnificent closed road stages with a Tour group, through to the fast-paced thrill of full competition, there is sure to be a category to suit everyone. To read our event categories click here.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you may pay in instalments. We require an initial deposit to secure your entry, then you may pay off the entry fee as best suits your needs.

What is Rallysafe?

A Rallysafe device, installed in each vehicle except Tour, uses GPS to provide a huge range of features in four key areas essential to rally: Safety, Timing, Tracking and Management. Click here to find out about RallySafe.

Do I need Rallysafe?

A Rallysafe device is required in all categories except Tour. Head to for the required Installation Kit and added information.  Click here to find out about RallySafe.

Can I change my navigator/co driver?

Leading up to the event, it is possible to change your listed navigator/co-driver, assuming the new person has the required licence for the category you have entered. Once on event, navigator/co-driver changes are very rare and subject to the approval of the CAMS Stewards.

This is my first event – do you recommend accommodation?

Our “Guide to the Event” published shortly before each event may have some recommendations.

We advise our competitors generally to book their own accommodation.

Simply contact our preferred hotels as listed below;

Launceston - Country Club Tasmania 1800 635 344

Strahan - Strahan Village +61 3 6471 4200

Hobart - Wrest Point Hobart 03 6221 1888

What do I bring to documentation?

Current valid Civil licence, current valid CAMS licence and car registration paperwork are required for documentation.

What CAMS licence do I need?

Check on our website, under our “competition regulations” tab, the licencing information page for all the details on the appropriate CAMS licence required for our different categories.

Click here to see what licence you require.

I’ve forgotten my password?

We have a tab in the top right-hand corner of our homepage that will allow you to reset your password. Just enter your email address and follow the prompts.

I’ve entered but my name isn’t on the entry list?

One major component of our administration duties is to ensure we have all the relevant information required for a team/crew’s entry. If we are waiting on competitors entering details, e.g. car details or navigator information, we often don’t mark the entry as “live” and therefore can’t be seen by competitors under the entry list tab. Once we have all information required and the entry deposit has been paid, we mark the entry as “live” and you will be listed.

Pre event-

First timers

Please click on this link to read our beginners guide. It is also listed on the website, in the drop down for each event.

Why are spectator points not listed all over events?

Due to the nature of our events being over different roads over multiple days, a travelling roadshow if you like, it is not possible to list spectator points.

Why reading the regulations is so important?

It is better to know than not. Misunderstanding or being ignorant, does not ensure an enjoyable Targa experience.

On event- 

Drivers briefing what & why?

It is compulsory for all Drivers and Navigators to attend the drivers briefing without exception. The drivers briefing is your chance to ask questions to the decision makers and the keepers of all things event related and it is also a forum to be informed of any late changes to the course or road conditions.

Why a mix of short & long stages?

Targa is a test of teamwork and your vehicle. The various stages are designed to ensure you get maximum enjoyment whilst testing yourselves and your vehicle over a selection of differing courses.

RTZ - what & why?

RTZ stands for Restricted Time Zone with the exception of speed limited competitions and tours all crews must remain in the zone for 15 seconds and must not travel below 30km/h whilst in the zone.

Service crew registration - why?

The registering of service personnel allows them access to service area’s and service parks, functions and most importantly, Personal Injury cover provided by CAMS.


Rallysafe is an all-in-one advanced safety, timing and tracking unit. Targa fits Rallysafe to all competition cars, course cars and emergency vehicles. Our command centre is then able to track and monitor all vehicles that are out on the course at any time. Rallysafe operation video - click here.

Scrutineering - what & why?

Scrutineering is a final check that your vehicle is both compliant with our stated technical regulations, but is also in a safe condition. This also applies to all apparel and safety equipment. Scrutineering is undertaken by our Motorsport safety partner CAMS and a team of volunteers. They are there to also ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event.

Post event-

Targa undertakes a Debrief meeting with all relevant councils and emergency services, after the running of each event, as part of our quality control program & to ensure satisfaction of all parties and any concerns, are addressed fully.

Competitors get their chance thru survey questionnaires after the event, which gathers feedback & relevant information, please take the time to answer these, to help us help you.


How do I enter an event?

Targa entries are only available online.

First Step is to create a Login by selecting 'Sign Up' in the top right hand corner of the home page of our website. Click here to create a login.

Select 'Sign up' as a competitor

Your Login details will be your email address and chosen password.

This will create your personal 'Competitor Console'.

All the current events will be listed.

Select 'Enter Event Now' under the relevant event logo and follow the prompts 

What can I do from my console?

Enter your details: Driver, Co-Driver, Vehicle, Service Crew and Medical Details. 
These details can be updated as often as required.

Make payments by selecting the 'Make a payment' button for PayPal OR the Tax Invoice/ Statement button for bank account details.

Add images: Crew, Vehicle and Sponsor logos.

Make additional purchases by selecting Additional Items. E.g. dinner tickets. OR clicking on supplier logos E.g. Rallysafe

Download event information at the top of your console. E.g. Technical Regulations


- Contact our Competitors Manager Pam Stables on (03) 6221 8888 or email for all your competitor and entry enquiries

- Contact our Technical Manager, Scott McGrath on 0488 066 236 or email at for all your technical regulations enquiries

For general enquiries, email

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