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THE SHANNONS CLASSIC RALLYE -You must be a customer of Shannons Insurance to enter this tour.

is a unique opportunity to take part in the world renowned ‘Targa Australia’ Tarmac events as a motoring enthusiast. You will enjoy the freedom of driving your (minimum 25-year-old) Classic vehicle on the ‘Special Stages’ of our events. You will rub shoulders with legends, feel the rush of the corners, the exhilaration of mountainous roads and enjoy a bonding journey like no other.

This is a team event, just as the main competition, each driver depends on their navigator to guide them through each stage and relies upon them to arrive at the next stage. This is the Ultimate driving experience.

Posted Speed Limit
Minimum CAMS Level 2 Non-Speed License


The tour adheres to the sign posted speed limits, although there is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy your car in a very “spirited” manner- the way they were designed. The Shannon’s Classic Rallye follows the same 17 stages/course as competition vehicles, on closed roads using both sides of the road, ensuring you feel every twist and turn of the event and come across the hard-earned finish line.


Documentation and Scrutiny | Thursday 29th August
Welcome Party | Thursday 29th August (Overnight in Cairns)
Day 1 | Friday 30th August (Overnight in Cairns)
Day 2 | Saturday 31st August (Overnight in Cairns)
Day 3 | Sunday 1st September- Official Finish (Overnight in Cairns)

Optional: Awards Dinner Sunday - after official Finish at the convention Centre.

Optional: Day 4 | Monday 2nd September- Targa Cruise to the Reef (Overnight in Cairns) 


Road Books for all stages and touring stages
Competitor Lanyards and official ‘Invitation to compete’
Participation of each competitive stage of the event
Complimentary entry ticket to the official Welcome Party for Driver and Co -Driver Lunch on each day of the competition for Driver and Co-Driver
Competitor briefing
Finishers Medallion for Driver and Co-Driver (upon completion of the event)


$1,990.00 INC. GST


A vehicle wishing to participate in a SHANNONS CLASSIC RALLYE must be equipped with the following:


OIL SPILL KIT or a sufficient quantity of ‘kitty litter’ if provision has not been made to carry a suitable amount of this material in the relevant Tour Sweep Course Vehicle

At least ONE TOW POINT- either front and/or rear
Tyres must be road legal (no slicks allowed) and maintain a tread depth above the wear indicators at all times. Any vehicle found to have unsuitable tyres at any time will not be allowed to proceed through the next stage until the tyre/s are changed to the satisfaction of the organisers

Full-Face FIA Approved helmets must be worn by both participants on Targa Stages in convertible cars, if the roof is down or removed, and all open top vehicles*

It is highly recommended but not compulsory to securely fit a correctly maintained hand- held fire extinguisher with a total capacity of not less than 1.0kg

Vehicles do not require a roll cage, race seats or harnesses in the Targa Tour


1. License Requirements
Both driver and co-driver shall hold, as a minimum, a current CAMS Level 2 Non- Speed License. Except for navigator-only licenses, either crew member may drive the vehicle during the course of The Event. 

A crew member who does not hold a Civil Driver’s License shall not be eligible to drive the vehicle at any stage during the event.

Minimum CAMS Level 2 Non-Speed license (L2NS) for both driver and navigator;

In order to obtain a CAMS license, both Driver and Navigator will require a membership with a CAMS affiliated car club.

Search for all CAMS affiliated clubs in your state from the link below;

2. Clothing Requirements 

Participants must wear neck to wrist to ankle cover and closed flat shoes whilst driving through Targa Stages. Clothing of synthetic materials are not permitted.


Vehicle third party property insurance and / or comprehensive insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant.



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