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We're extremely disappointed to advise that TARGA Great Barrier Reef will not go ahead as planned in September.
With the ongoing review into tarmac rallying being conducted by Motorsport Australia, which is not due to be completed until later in the year, it means that this year’s 5th running of #TARGAGBR will not proceed, with a planned return for the Cairns-based event pushed out until September 1-3 in 2023.
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Great cars, beautiful scenery, closed public roads, iconic destinations and luxury hospitality ✅

Have you checked out yet for your ultimate driving holiday experience?

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Spot the patch from the very first #TARGATasmania in 1992 👀

Marion Brooks has been a TARGA Official for 15 years and has brought her daughter and grandchildren into the TARGA family 👏👏

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Thank you Jesse (aged 7) for sharing your TARGA story with us 🖤

"I saw the TARGA cars when they drove past my Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Penguin. An Aston Martin DB5 stopped and let me sit inside. It was the best day of my life!

"When I grow up, I want to be a cameraman and film the cars for the news. My Grandpa loves TARGA so now it is our special thing together. He has a TARGA hat and a jacket and I got to wear them when the cars went past."

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#ThrowbackThursday to #TARGATasmania30 when @colin_clark_rally caught up with some of our incredible TARGA volunteers at the Penguin lunch stop 🙌
#NationalVolunteersWeek #NVW2022
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About Targa

With a proud history dating back to 1992, our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver high quality, professional tarmac rally events and driving experiences in unique and iconic Australian destinations. TARGA gives you closed roads, greater distance and an extraordinary sense of achievement.

We bring energy and excitement to everything we do, and consistently meet all required international safety standards. We show the utmost respect to our people, partners and customers and don’t compromise on this, no matter what. 

TARGA deliver both competitive races and non-competitive touring events. TARGA includes tarmac rally events in Victoria’s High Country, Cairns in Far North Queensland and the longest and hardest tarmac rally in the world, in Tasmania.

Whether you’re entering for the ultimate tarmac rush, an adrenaline-fuelled drive with your partner and friends, or to fulfil your competitive streak, TARGA offers a once in a lifetime experience.


To conduct unique, competitive international motor rallies as ultimate tourist attractions


The competition

TARGA is a genuine, red-blooded motorsport event. It is a tarmac rally designed for the true motoring enthusiast.

A tarmac rally is a unique form of motorsport where purpose-built rally cars compete on sealed roads closed for competition. Starting at 30-second intervals, cars race against the clock with the winner being the fastest car over all stages.

The Tour

Based in some of Australia’s premier driving and tourism destinations, TARGA tours are a complete adventure – packed with great roads, fine food and beverages, high-quality restaurants and accommodation as well as the beautiful scenery.

In the TARGA Tour, participants experience a true tarmac rally but in a noncompetitive, non-timed format, and without the need to modify your car. Enjoying the same challenging, closed-road stages as the competition cars, the Tour delivers the exhilaration of driving your car as it was designed, without the pressure of competition, on some of the country’s best and most exciting roads.

The TARGA Tour is available as entry-only leaving you to decide on accommodation and dining options, or as a package which is a complete travel experience, comprised of your entry, preferred accommodation package and dining, all pre-booked on your behalf.


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