TARGA Official Spotlight: Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell made her TARGA debut five years ago as a Vehicle Tracker at TARGA Great Barrier Reef, and was instantly hooked.

Along with her husband Wayne, Donna has been a voice for the volunteer officials in Cairns at TARGA Great Barrier Reef and TARGA Tasmania.

We recently caught up with Donna to share her TARGA experiences, and we we thank Donna for her invaluable contribution to TARGA over the years.

What was your very first TARGA event like? 

My first TARGA event was the very first event of TARGA Great Barrier Reef in 2018. My stepson was going to enter a car (but had to pull out). My husband wanted to be involved to watch his son and asked would I like to help as well.

 What is your fondest memory of TARGA? 

My fondest memory was going back home to Tasmania in 2019 and being an official in TARGA TAS, as I had not been back since I left 21 years ago. The whole time was one big memory.

What is a TARGA moment or story you’ll never forget?

There have been a lot of moments and stories over the time I have been involved with TARGA but the one that stands out was one time during TARGA Great Barrier Reef when it was on Father’s Day and we made a sign wishing all competitors a Happy Father’s Day. The expressions, smiles and thanks were priceless.

Are there any significant people who have played an important role in your TARGA experiences?

There are many people who have played an important role in my time with TARGA. My husband Wayne Campbell has helped me through all aspects of TARGA (whilst learning himself). He helped my confidence grow to become the person I am today. Josh Hill – from the time I first met him he has been a great mentor/teacher. Nothing is a hassle. He welcomed me and Wayne into the TARGA family with open arms.

What was your first car like? 

My very first car was a 1988 Gemini, which I had to triple clutch it to get it into reverse.

You can only choose one song to listen to while driving for the rest of your days; name that song! 

Back in Black would be a song I would choose to listen to everyday.

You have two empty spots in your dream garage; name one classic car and one modern car that you’d park there.

A 1988 Gemini (for the memories) and the latest Mustang are two cars I would have in the two spots of my garage.

Describe your driving style in three words. 

“Get there safe” would be the three words I would use to describe my driving style.