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Jaguar on board as Targa Sponsor!

25-Apr-2014  Tracey Button

Targa Australia is pleased to welcome Jaguar Australia on board as an official Event Partner for Targa Tasmania 2014.

After supplying course cars in the past 3 rounds of the CAMS Australian Targa Championship, Jaguar Australia has formalised its association with the Targa Australia events.

Jaguar supplied 0A, 0B, 00 and 999 cars for Targa Wrest Point earlier this year, as well as Targa High Country - held in and around Mansfield and Mt Buller - and also Targa Adelaide, both held in 2013.

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RDA BRAKES - Targa Support for 10 Years Running

24-Apr-2014  Erik Rathmayr

RDA-EBC BRAKES is a long time sponsor of many motoring events around Australia, covering road tarmac events with Targa Australia, track racing with Aussie Race Cars, Commodore Cup, Saloon cars, various owners' clubs, drifting entrants, and rallying competitors.  2014 now sees their 10th years of continuing support of Targa Tasmania.

Rotors & Drums Australia (RDA) has the widest range of disc rotors and brake drums in Australia along with a huge array of matching brake pads and shoes to suit all situations – all available through a vast network of 980 distributors around the country.

Initially a small sponsor of the one competition car entry with seasoned campaigners Matt and Casey Close, RDA Brakes has grown to become a Major Sponsor of the entire Targa series and now also sponsors well known competitors Phil Blake and Adam Spence.

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Mac Makes it 22 Straight

23-Apr-2014  Ian Chesterman

Targa Tasmania will be held for the 23rd consecutive time this year, and one man from the state’s north west, Mac Russell, has done all but one of them.

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Tasmania’s East Coast named as Australia’s best driving holiday

18-Apr-2014  Tracey Button

Targa Tasmania covers many of the State's iconic and scenic roads including travelling down the eastern coastline via a lunch stop in St Helens.  The drive along Tasmania’s East Coast has just beaten other iconic Australian road trips (including the world-famous Great Ocean Road and the crossing of the Nullarbor) to take the number 2 spot in Australian Traveller’s 100 Greatest Australian Holidays for 2014.

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“Share your favourite Targa Moment” - Photo and Video COMP

08-Apr-2014  Erik Rathmayr

Enter now to win one out of three GoPro Cameras donated by Barrie Smith Motor Sport - Share your favourite Targa moment captured on photo or video including a captivating description of what is happening in the footage.

Basically anything relating to a Targa event is good to go. Why not submit footage of a car in action, a competitor or spectator snap shot.

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24-Apr-2014  Erik Rathmayr

Some of you will be sailing on board this ship very soon and for some of you first timers who have never seen what Spirit of Tasmania looks like on the inside, take a tour with their Ship Tour video and check out all of their facilities, including cabins, bars, restaurants, the cinema and more. A number of Targa competitors are actually in this video – see if you can spot yourself!

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment....

21-Apr-2014  Allan Mair

Daniel and Nathalie Ford's Corvette on Mt Arrowsmith in 2012.

All OK but didn't it it go off with a bang.

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment

20-Apr-2014  John Allen

Have a listen to these awesome V8 Torana supercars as we rip it up doing some circle work for the entertainment of the locals....we definitely weren't the fastest to qualify but were running 1st and 2nd fastest for the next couple of days in Targa.  It was an awesome experience to codrive in a classic Aussie muscle car in 2013.

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Who will win the 2014 Targa Tasmania?

18-Apr-2014  Geoffrey Bott

The demise of the fast but fragile Lamborghinis leaves the winning circle open this year.  Who are the top contenders?

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Navigator available

17-Apr-2014  Nicole O'Neill

Due to last minute withdrawal I'm available for Targa Tasmania 2014

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Ouch !!

12-Apr-2014  Allan Mair

Daniel and Nathalie Ford's Corvette on Mt Arrowsmith 2012

The dark patch in the middle of the road where the motor went bank was a piston and rod, recovered later by another competitor.

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment

11-Apr-2014  Dave Howlett

16 year Targa official David Howlett share some memories

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment

11-Apr-2014  Scott Strong

TWP 2010 ended badly for car #878 with a less than gentle scrape with a power pole on the Cygnet stage, fortunately we were both o.k, but the car ended up in a very bad state. The most disturbing thing about the whole experience was the hostility of a couple of local residents who took a dislike to the event so much that they took their anger out on us and the car after the incident by abusing us and throwing things at the car. During the 2013 Cygnet stage I felt compelled to wave on the way past......
The original crash footage can be found here

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I would like to share my Favorite Targa Moment

10-Apr-2014  Greg De Vries

Can't beat this.. Cethana year's ago... 

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Plenty of braking time . . .

10-Apr-2014  Dennis Neagle

The limit, that's what Targa events are all about.  Finding just how close you can get to the limit, without straying over the edge.  Here's Day 1 of Targa 2013, and we're "easing" into a "safe, steady" run . . .

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment @ Targa Wrest Point 2014 - Princess Wharf

10-Apr-2014  Walter Rathmayr

One of the highlights for me was seeing all the cars and drivers on Saturday at Princess Wharf in Hobart. I am a big fan of the old 911 Porsches and fortunately for my there where some beautifully restored models on display. Like this 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS in my image below.

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I would like to share my favourite Targa moment

10-Apr-2014  Peter Bott

Last year my father Geoffrey Bott hosted a birthday party for his Jaguar XJS, also known as Car 703 from previous Targa entries. A bunch of his old cronies turned up in their various classic cars which were polished up nicely for the occasion. The car pictured here is a Jaguar MkII owned by Garth Taylor at the time. Garth is part of the service crew team that followed Car 703 on its Targa adventures. Sadly both Car 703 and the MkII have moved on to new owners, but I am very excited to see how the replacement Nissan Skyline GTR will earn its spot in the garage after its entry into this coming Targa.

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Evo for Sale

09-Apr-2014  Greg Burrowes

2008 Lancer Evolution X GSR – Australian delivered June 2009
Please contact Greg Burrowes on
0404 182 428 or email at:

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I'd like to share my favourite Targa moment!

09-Apr-2014  Geoffrey Bott

I'd like to share my favourite Targa moments as CAR703 competes in Late Classic category in 2009.  The crew raised over $17,000 for the Oncology Childrens Foundation in 2008 & 2009.

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