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Targa Great Barrier REef
Event Overview

4th – 6th September 2020

TARGA Great Barrier Reef is a TARGA event like no other as it passes through iconic tropical landscapes that are truly unique to Far North Queensland. Sugar cane and banana plantations will line the various stages and the weather will be anything but cold.

For thousands of years, the Great Barrier Reef has used its magnetic charm as a lure to attract the most adventurous souls. However, at TARGA Great Barrier Reef, they are not there to measure themselves against the challenges of the sea, but the Foreboding Mountains that lay adjacent to them. Over three days, you will travel through Cairns and out to all of the surrounding regions and enjoy a massive TARGA Fest on the Saturday night, right on the Esplanade in Cairns.

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2020 Provisional course



5.79 KM’S

“Green Hill” is a warm up stage with a minimum time.

STAGE 2: GILLiEs range

19.47 KM’S

“Gillies Range” is the first run up the range roads for the event. There is a short flat run at the start and then the fun begins with a climb up hill. There is no rest for the entire stage as you continue to climb to the top of the Gillies Range.

stage 3: lake eacham

6.83 km’s

“Lake Eacham” Is a flowing stage with ninety degree turns just after crest’s. The majority of the stage is only a single lane making overtaking difficult on this stage.

stage 4: little mulgrave

19.42 km’s

“Little Mulgrave” is the down hill run on the Gillies Range. The descent begins as soon as the cars leave the start line with 14.01km of tight twists and turns.

stage 5: lake morris

11.24 km’s

“Lake Morris” is a long, twisty drive up to Copperlode Dam, providing those in the event with a unique and amazing experience.

stage 6: copperlode

11.16 km’s

“Copperlode  ” is the reverse run over the Lake Morris stage.

LEG 2: saturday, 5th september

stage 7: bamboo creek

6.12 km’s

“Bamboo Creek” is the first of the new stages for the 2020 event. This stage runs through generally flat farming country with some ninety degree corners towards the end of the stage.

stage 8: south johnstone

5.57 km’s

“South Johnstone” is a flowing stage through the rural town of the same name.

stage 9: mena creek

15.51 km’s

“Mena Creek” looks like a free, flowing stage, but don’t be fooled by the first part. For the last 4km’s the character changes and the road becomes tight and narrow.

stage 10: bingil bay

5.83 km’s

“Bingil Bay” differs in character to the previous stages of the day. It includes crests followed by tight lefts and rights that travel through the built up area of Bingil Bay. The cars will then follow the road beside the beach with the ocean only meters away.

stage 11: mission beach

6.14 km’s

“Mission Beach” is the reverse run of the Bingil Bay stage. The end of the stage will now face the crests with tight turns after, making it a challenging finish.

stage 12: silkwood

15.51 km’s

“Silkwood” is the reverse of the Mena Creek stage. However, in this direction the stage starts off narrow and tight and then opens up towards the finish.

stage 13: paronella

5.57 km’s

“Paronella” is the reverse of the South Johnstone stage.

stage 14: innisfail

6.12 km’s

“Innisfail” is the reverse of the Bamboo Creek stage. Starting off with some short runs between ninety degree corners, it then changes to good flowing roads through farmland.

leg 3: sunday, 6th september

stage 15: kuranda

10.71 km’s

“Kuranda Range” is the last range road for the event and an absolute crowd pleaser!

stage 16: malanda

9.84 km’s

“Malanda” is another flowing open road in farming country. Some areas of the stage begin to narrow, providing some challenges for drivers.

stage 17: moregatta

7.07 km’s

“Moregatta” is a very technical stage that will reward precision. Majority of the stage is on single lane roads with little room for error.

stage 18: millaa millaa

27.66 km’s

“Millaa Millaa” is one of the two longest stages in the event. Just when drivers think they have a rhythm, the stage will change completely. This stage has everything a driver could ask for.

stage 19: palmerston

28.21 km’s

“Palmerstone” is the reverse of the Millaa Millaa stage and is the second of the longest stages in the event.

stage 20: theresa creek

7.20 km’s

“Theresa Creek” has a couple of tricky corners that sneak up on crews, making it a really fun finish!