Targa High Country
Event Overview

5th – 7th february 2021

Less than three hours from Melbourne, TARGA High Country is based on top of Victoria’s most popular Ski Resort, Mt Buller, some 1,800 meters above sea level offering a unique experience to competitors.

In summer, the road to the summit masquerades as one of the most exciting hill climbs in the country, and, provides the gateway to all stages over the three days of competition.

You will take part in three high-octane days of racing, travelling through the High Country regions, taking in the vistas of the Eildon, King Valley, and Mansfield districts, before returning each evening to the top of Mount Buller, to finish in the panoramic Mount Buller village.

The focus of the TARGA action is always the finishing leg, which sees cars scream through a tight t-intersection turn past the Village Square as they race towards the finish line.

Once cars have finished racing, spectators can enjoy the champagne celebrations from the Village Square podium.

For pricing and participation related enquiries, please contact Megan Creese on (03) 6144 9504 or