November e-News

Credit: Other Side Productions / Wishart Media

As we come towards the end of another difficult year, the planning has begun in earnest for the three TARGA events scheduled for 2023, starting with the 13th running of TARGA High Country from 10 to 12 February, followed by TARGA Tasmania from 17 to 22 April and finishing with the much anticipated return of TARGA Great Barrier Reef from 1 to 3 September.

With new members on the TARGA team bringing a new and fresh approach to our iconic events, combined with several necessary changes to be implemented throughout the year and into 2024, you will see a different and exciting TARGA event moving forward.

We remain very focused on supporting the current review process and look forward to the release of the report when this work is completed, before moving into the implementation stage, working closely with the various stakeholders to ultimately ensure a long and successful road ahead for TARGA and tarmac rallying more broadly.

We continue to ask our customers to be as patient as possible, after all, we are paddling the same boat ultimately and in the fullness of time, everyone will have the information needed to make an informed decision on their own destiny when it comes to TARGA and tarmac rally participation.

Entries have been opened for TARGA High Country and TARGA Tasmania to provide the delayed opportunity to enter these events to our customers who are ready to enter.  Likewise, we understand, and totally appreciate, customers choosing to wait until the review report is released and there is a clearer understanding of the reports details and what it all means.

The important thing is that even in the face of unprecedented adversity, we must push forward in a positive way and sincerely appreciate the level of support shown by many of our customers over the last six months who are focused on TARGA’s future success.


Applications for entry are open for both Targa High Country (early bird pricing available until 30/11/22) and TARGA Tasmania (early bird pricing available until 9/1/23). Enter below:


Even in our darkest period, it is important to remember how amazing TARGA Tasmania is and how it is viewed by millions of people around the world.  There is no event like it in the world today and whilst we are all guilty of taking it for granted at times, right now is the time to focus on how lucky we are to have TARGA Tasmania.

Just last week, we were reminded of how fortunate we are and how the international motorsport community view TARGA Tasmania with none other than Goodwood (the world’s largest and pre-eminent motorsport events provider) posting some amazing words about TARGA Tasmania combined with a brilliantly produced video by Ben Sale and the Other Side Productions team.

These words summed it up;

But, aside from the cars, perhaps the most astonishing part of this video is the scenery these machines pass through. Whether it’s twisting mountain roads, vast bridges over sprawling valleys, or stretches of open wilderness. The TARGA Tasmania has absolutely everything.

And it is this event that we all must fight for; a unique motoring adventure, unlike anything in the world! There are other tarmac rallies, but there is only one TARGA Tasmania.


We recently welcomed two new staff members to our Hobart CBD office. Angela Esquivel has joined us in the role of Event Manager – Tours ( and Blaise Heaney has joined us in the role of Event Manager – Competitions (

Angela Esquivel – Event Manager – Tours
I’m a professional event organiser with more than 15 years experience managing massive events, sponsors, branding, ATL and BTL agencies, and artist bookings. I love my job, bringing alive creative ideas, planning, delivering amazing projects and working with partners, the community, and attendees. Producing branded content and high-end events is what I enjoy most. I am excited to be a part of TARGA and continuing to bring you this once in a lifetime event. 

Blaise Heaney – Event Manager – Competitions 
With experience in hospitality and coordination of weddings & conferences, I have a passion for conducting events that are high quality, full of enjoyment and bring people together. I am excited to have begun my journey with TARGA and look forward to connecting with competitors to ensure that each experience continues to allow for the development of memories that last a lifetime.  


TARGA Tasmania will see the return of a night-time Official Finish in 2023 for the first time since 2013. To be held in the normal location at Princes Wharf 1, the Official Finish will be held on a Saturday night for the first time and will be full of light and colour along with the traditional Champagne Shower.

This will be followed by plenty of fun times in the TARGA Bar for the first ever official TARGA after party where you can expect to see, hear and feel a new level of TARGA excitement whilst outside, a free TARGAfest event will be pumping with music and rides for the thousands of TARGA Tasmania fans and their families to enjoy on a Saturday night on Hobart’s iconic waterfront.

To be a part of it all, you must be at the Ceremonial Start and then go on the journey of a motoring lifetime, ultimately reaching the end to be greeted with a finisher’s medallion and plenty of celebrations long into the night.

Make sure you’re there for the new and exciting TARGA Tasmania Official Finish and TARGA after party.


Shannons have had a close association with TARGA Tasmania since its inception in 1992, an event which saw Robert Shannon compete. Thirty years later and Shannons now support all three TARGA events and the legacy of Robert Shannon continues to burn bright at everything TARGA does.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shannons Insurance for again supporting TARGA Tasmania in 2023 for the 31st time as a Major Partner. We look forward to continuing our strong association with one of Australia’s most iconic brands.


After thirteen years of staying in Strahan, courtesy of the Federal Group and in recent years RACT, we are excited to announce a continuation of this support has been finalised with the new owners of Strahan Village, NRMA Expeditions.

With major renovations and upgrades planned, it promises to be an exciting period for the hotel, and we look forward to making it our base again in 2023, for the 14th time. The uniqueness of arriving in Strahan from Hobart for the first time in 2023 promises to add a new dynamic to our stay out on the rugged west coast of Tasmania.

We would like to thank NRMA Expeditions for continuing to support TARGA Tasmania in 2023.