Statement from Mark Perry, CEO of Targa Australia, following the release of the Investigatory Tribunal Report by Motorsport Australia

Thursday September 16, 2021

The Investigatory Tribunal was set up by Motorsport Australia after the tragic deaths in Targa Tasmania this year, and we again express our condolences to the family and friends of Shane Navin, Leigh Mundy and Dennis Neagle for the loss of their loved ones.

It is a loss still felt by everyone at Targa and that is why we welcomed the appointment of the Tribunal by Motorsport Australia and greatly appreciate the effort that has gone into its report.

We fully cooperated with the Tribunal, worked closely with Motorsport Australia and we thank all of the people who made a contribution to the report. We share a common goal to make tarmac rally events as safe as they can be.

We know that competitor safety, while understanding the inherent risks of motorsport, must be a priority for all of involved in our sport.

Targa Australia will now work with Motorsport Australia to implement all 23 recommendations from the Tribunal.

Targa Australia and Motorsport Australia are committed to running a highly successful 30th Anniversary Targa Tasmania event in March 2022. It is an event with wonderful history and together we will work to ensure its ongoing success for decades to come.

Some of the recommendations fall to us to implement, while others fall to Motorsport Australia as the controlling body. We will work together to have them implemented for Targa Tasmania in 2022.

Importantly, at Targa Great Barrier Reef earlier this month, seven of the 13 safety recommendations requiring Targa Australia’s response – around course design and top and average speeds – were already implemented.

All parties understand that we have much to do in the coming months but we embrace the challenge that will see safety at our events continue to evolve and improve.

The full Investigatory Tribunal Report can be read here.

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