About Targa

With a proud history dating back to 1992, our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver high quality tarmac rally events in unique destinations within Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland. Delivering you both competitive races and touring events, TARGA gives you closed roads, greater distance and higher speed limits.

Passion. Reliability. Respect.

At TARGA our events, customers, staff and stakeholders are driven by their passion for driving. We bring energy and excitement to everything we do and consistently deliver high quality events and unique experiences, which meet all required safety standards. We show the utmost respect to our people, partners and customers and don’t compromise on this, no matter what.

targa Vision


To deliver pinnacle tarmac rally events and driving experiences in unique destinations for motorsport and car enthusiasts.

Targa History

In 1990, Max Stahl and John Large met over dinner at Large’s Perth home with ideas for a tarmac rally involving classic cars on Tasmania’s picturesque driving roads. Within a few hours of brainstorming and an almost “spontaneous combustion”, the essential framework for TARGA Tasmania was constructed.

In his role as CAMS president, Large had various Tasmanian’s trying to come up with an event for the state and as a born-and-bred Tasmanian himself, was a driving force in getting a tarmac rally up and running in Tasmania.

Equally, determined enthusiasts helped both Large and Stahl and collectively they turned their dream into reality in April 1992 when the inaugural TARGA Tasmania was held. The inaugural event covered 2000km of the island; some 472km reserved for unbridled TARGA stages.

The success of the first event saw many eager expressions of interest for the follow-up event in 1993 and made it clear that TARGA Tasmania was about to explode into a much bigger, truly national event.

With the combination of a new expanded competition and class structure, better communications and the fine-tuning of an already world class route, the 1993 TARGA Tasmania solidified the event’s new-found legend status and place on the annual motorsport calendar.

Over the years, thousands have been enchanted by the allure of TARGA’s ‘money can’t buy experience’. It’s an addictive experience, a sense of accomplishment impossible to find anywhere else in the world of motorsport.

It’s Targa!