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Monday April 19, 2021

Our reporter caught out for a selection of competitors at the close of the day’s play on Day 1.

EDDIE MAGUIRE (Dutton Garage Overall and GTO): “It’s been a pretty interesting battle with the Whites today, but unfortunately for us, it’s been dry.

He’s got a different tyre on the front of his now and our wheels didn’t turn up in time for the event, so we’re not able to push as hard as he is in the dry, so bring on the rain.

Other than that we’re really happy, but we just have to look after our tyres a bit more in the dry.”

JASON WHITE (Dutton Garage Overall and GTO): “We had some serious electrical issues and stalled it at the start line (Golden Valley) and it wouldn’t start, so we had to bump start it in reverse and we were lucky to get going again. We had a battery explode on the way to Poatina and we’ve had acid fumes all through the cabin.Hopefully we can fix it tonight – if we can’t then we’re pretty much screwed.”

JON SIDDINS (Shannons Classic GT): “This is my 19th Targa Tasmania and it’s been great to be back. We’ve given the engine a bit of a freshen up for this event. I’ve had a few engine problems in our last event, but hopefully we’ve overcome that.”

ASHLEY YELDS (Shannons Classic Handicap):  “We’ve been driving the car as hard as it will go. We’ve changed to a different tyre this year and we’re learning just what we can do with them, so it’s been a bit tricky and a bit of a learning curve for us.It’s going to be tough, as this category is tight. We’ve very happy to be where we are now, but it’s going to be hard to stay there over the next few days.”

PETER NUNN (Classic Throttle Shop GT Production): “We’ve had a good day with no dramas and just easing into it. The car’s better than it’s ever been.The new stages have been great.Golden Valley was so fast and flowing that I’d like to go back and have another go because I reckon we could gain a fair bit of time.

ADAM KAPLAN (Dutton Garage Early Modern 2): “It’s been really good today.

There were a few sprinkles of rain, but it didn’t worry us at all.The car’s going really well and we haven’t changed a thing from last time, apart from new stickers on the back.”

TREVOR MacLEOD (Dutton Garage Early Modern 4): “It’s great to have someone like Steve (Glenney) alongside – it gets you up to speed fairly quickly.

We’ve done a couple of other events together, but this is our first TARGA Tasmania as a team.

It’s great to be back at TARGA Tasmania after no event last year. Being dry has helped ensure the first day isn’t too stressful.”

SHANE JACOBSON (Spirit of Tasmania GT Sports Trophy):  “It’s fantastic as long as I do as I’m told by my navigator and I’m getting the hang of it. The car’s fantastic and as long as I respect it, it will stay on the road and be kind to me. Being in this event is better than every boy’s dream – it’s a grown man’s dream come true for me.

It’s already exceeded my expectations and I’m loving every single stage.

The idea is to keep the car straight and to enjoy myself and the event is already delivering what I wanted.

I’m travelling Tasmania, and seeing some amazing scenery – and I’m totally blown away by how well the event is run and it’s not easy to do that.

I already want to come back again next year, or better still, I’m staying in Tassie. Somebody get me a passport.”

DARRYL MARSHALL (Budget TSD trophy): “We loved the new stages – awesome pieces of tarmac.

We’ve done this event a few times now and we set ourselves a challenge to day to settle in from the start.

We’ve had pretty ordinary first days before, so we’ve had a crack today and it’s been really good.

JACK WALDRON (Shannons Thoroughbred Trophy): “Today’s stages have been absolutely magic.

It’s the best first ever first day I’ve had.

Back in 2019 I split the diff carrier on the West Coast, so I’m looking for a better result this year. So far, so good.”

MATTHEW GIBBENS (Spirit of Tasmania GT Sports Trophy): “This is our first rally in this car and also our first rally in GT Sports Trophy, so we’re having a lot of fun.

This category is perfect for our Lotus and Lotus Simply Sports Cars does a great job with a support crew and it takes all the stress out of it.”

TONY SEYMOUR (Spirit of Tasmania Rookie Rallye): “This is our first event, so we’re just easing our way into it. We’ve had absolutely no dramas and that’s the way we like it. The day has probably exceeded our expectations, so we’re fairly happy.”

JOHN BAIN (Ferrari Tour): “Today has been awesome so far.

This is our first time and we’re loving it. Ferrari organised it for us and it’s all been pretty seamless. It seemed like a good idea and my co-driver said “yep we’re in” so here we are.

PHILLIP CHONG (Lotus Tour): “It’s been a fantastic day. I wouldn’t be here without the Lotus boys. They made it possible for me to come.

I wasn’t going to come here by myself, but having the support of Lotus is like having my own pit crew, so knowing that support was there gave me the confidence to have a go.

STEVE WINNING (Tour): “I’m here to push myself and push my machine. I’ve always been into Maseratis and it’s a classic brand, so I thought that was for me.

We’ve done Targa High Country before, but this is our first Targa Tasmania and we’re loving it so far.”

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