Congratulations on making it this far, you are now moments away from securing a spot in the TARGA tour.

To enter TARGA, you will need to create an entry on the Motorsport Australia Event Entry Portal.

*Please note that this will require you to already hold a current Motorsport Australia licence.

If you do not yet have a licence, you will need to be a member with an affiliated car club. You can find a comprehensive list of clubs near you here and then follow this link to download the registration form for the relevant licence

Tour: Level 2 Non-Speed Licence

If this is your first time signing up for a TARGA event via the Motorsport Australia Event Entry Portal, you can click here for further set-up instructions.

Alternatively, you can ENTER HERE NOW

If you would like one of our all in-inclusive TARGA tour packages, please enter by choosing your preferred package level (silver, gold, platinum) and in the notes section type whether you would like double, twin or two rooms for the accommodation configurations.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Megan at megan@targa.com.au or on (03) 6144 9504


29th May 2020 – 16th August 2020



17th August 2020 – 26th March 2021



All prices are per car and include associated event costs, accommodation, breakfasts & dinners

Silver Package – 3 nightsGold Package – 3 nightsPlatinum Package – 3 nights
Double $7,990Double $8,265Double $8,895
Twin $7,990Twin $8,265Twin $8,895
Single $8,590Single $8,885Single $9,745
Silver Package – 6 nightsGold Package – 6 nightsPlatinum Package – 6 nights
Double $8,865Double $9,415Double $10,670
Twin $8,865Twin $9,415Twin $10,670
Single $10,515Single $11,505Single $12,365

To read more about our packages, click here.